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Vision Statement:

To stimulate a better focusing of all available local, state, private, and federal resources upon the goal of enabling low-income families and individuals of all ages in rural and urban areas to attain the skills, knowledge, and motivations to secure the opportunities needed for them to become more self-sufficient and move out of poverty.

Mission Statement:

Community Action Partnership of Solano, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to move low-income people out of poverty and homelessness through partnerships with public and private organizations in Solano County, by administering grants and contracts, providing capacity-building, training, oversight and coordination of services, and promoting community action at local, state and national levels, resulting in stronger communities.

What is Community Action?

The community action movement is deeply rooted in our culture and has its basis in philosophies that underlie the creation of the United States of America. Beginning with the Declaration of Independence, the ideals of individual liberty and opportunity are the roots of our great nation, and the vision for Community Action.

Today, we live and work in a society rich with a range of human services and social service projects. Although Community Action has grown and changed significantly since its rise in 1964, we continue President Johnson’s legacy, waging an “unconditional war on poverty in America.”

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Community Action Partnership of Solano Brochure

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Community Action Partnership of Solano: Community Action Plan

Click here for the final draft of CAP Solano’s 2012/2013 Program Year Community Action Plan (CAP). Once the CAP is formally approved by the State of California, the final copy will be made available.


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